Welcome to the Desert Rose of Middle East – welcome to Dubai! This city will enchant you with its overall shine: outstanding architecture, city structure, rich lifestyle, shopping paradise and ability to grow and sparkle in the middle of the desert. Besides being no.1 trading and financial centre of Middle East, this Emirate is top tourist destination as well, because it can offer you literally anything you wish and provide you with ultimate vacation time, whether you’re into cultural exploring, adventure, shopping, beach relaxing, sports, clubbing or any other kind of entertainment.

 The best season for visiting Dubai is certainly any other than the summer, since the scorching desert heat is something to be avoided, as well as Ramadan time when most of the activities in the city are suspended.


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When to Visit

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January & February Heavy tourist traffic due to the Dubai Shopping Festival, which involves concerts, firework shows and other events. High hotel and airline rates.

June – August Low season; really hot temperatures that make it almost impossible to explore the outdoors.

November – early December Best time for sightseeing in Dubai. Few crowds and pleasant weather. Dubai’s National Day Festival is held to commemorate the Emirates’ independence from Great Britain and involves a variety of special events.

The Palm Jumeirah 

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This is just one of the many construction wonders of this amazing Emirate, being an artificial peninsula in the shape of the palm. It is a home to several hotel complexes, resorts and an ideal place for beach lovers, but it also offers some of the premium real estates. Although the only one finished, it is not the only one of its kind, since two more similar construction projects are being developed, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. The view of its shape can be admired during skydiving, or from the top of Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa or other nearby skyscrapers.

Atlantis the Palm 

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This is the name for both hotel and resort located on the tip of the palm-tree shaped peninsula. Whether you are an adventure fan looking forward to swimming with dolphins, traveling with family and planning an adventure in waterpark, or you have a refine taste for world class restaurants and nightlife, this is the place to visit in Dubai. Luxurious oriental esthetics surrounds you and just looking around will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Everything you wish to know about booking, offers, and prices and discounts you can find on official website www.atlantisthepalm.com

Atlantis Marine & Waterpark 

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This is one of the most magnificent waterparks on Earth, and the largest one in Europe and Middle East. There are various adventures you can experience here, and certainly each one of them is unforgettable. You can visit alone, with family or a group of friends, and enjoy swimming with dolphins and sharks, feeding the rays, exploring The Lost Chambers Aquarium or dive, snorkel or scuba dive with more than 65000 marine animals. If you’re not the underwater fan, you can have the time of your life by chasing adrenaline rush in numerous slides and rides. For precise information about working hours, tickets and reservations also visit www.atlantisthepalm.com

Burj Al Arab 

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Long before Burj Khalifa entered the city landscape, Burj Al Arab (Arabian Tower) was the symbol of Dubai. Last word of architecture and design of its time, this hotel in shape of a sailboat stands as a watcher over the city from the gulf, white during the day and richly colored with illumination during the night. It hosts luxurious suites and restaurants, as well as spa, pools, and even a helipad. It placed Dubai on the map of lavish traveling destinations, and it started the trend of its trademark construction extravagancies.

Jumeirah Beach 

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This beach is a 9km long coastline parallel with Jumeirah Road where you can find prestigious hotels and villa accommodations, which is also parallel to the main Sheikh Zayed Road. If you wish to soak up the sun and the salty warm gulf water you can stay at luxurious Jumeirah Beach Hotel, or visit some of the public beaches such as Jumeirah Open Beach, Russian Beach, or Kite Beach if you enjoy kite surfing. All of them offer numerous activities besides swimming, such as other sport activities, shopping, dining etc.

Kite Beach 

Kite Beach is probably the most famous beach in Dubai since it is located next to Burj Al Arab. Renowned surfers from all over the world visit this place to conquer the huge waves that are formed at Jumeirah beach! Even if you are not a sports lover, you can always enjoy watching the kite surf show, the playgrounds as well as the wonderful view of Burj Al Arab that promise an unforgettable experience by the sea.

La Mer Dubai 

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La Mer Dubai is a project whose construction is in progress at Jumeirah waterfront. Currently it includes all kinds of family entertainment, such as jumping at the largest outdoor trampoline park, enjoying at the white sand beach, dining in restaurants that serve dishes from all over the world, respecting the origins of city’s cosmopolitan residents, as well as shopping in specialized boutiques and one-of-a-kind stores. You can have a fulfilled day of relaxation and family time, enjoying the wonderful view and warm water of Persian Gulf. For more information visit www.lamerdubai.ae

Open: Daily 10:00AM-12:00PM (for stores, restaurants and cafes)

Dubai Creek 

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Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek and an old harbor, and today it is a part of a new canal built through Dubai which exits to the Persian Gulf. You can enjoy the historical vibe of this place by taking an Abra ride – ride on an authentic traditional boat that was used for fishing and pearl diving, but you can also book a cruise with dinner. You can explore the area on foot and visit museum, go shopping or dining, or enjoy playing golf or other sports activities at the Dubai Creek Resort.


Dubai Museum 

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Dubai Museum is one of the Dubai’s heritage sites. The museum is located in the oldest building in Dubai – Al Fahidi Fort which used to be a military fortress and a prison. In the museum you can see all kinds of artifacts that witness the history of Dubai as a trading port and fishing village that engaged in pearl diving and trading with Orient before discovering oil. You can learn a lot about traditional Arabic lifestyle by walking through exhibitions that display it authentically, through actual artifacts, some of those being older than 3 millenniums.

Saturday-Thursday 08:30AM-08:30PM; Friday 02:30PM-08:30PM;
Ramdan timmings: Saturday-Thursday 09:00AM-04:30PM, and Fridays are closed

Price: Adults 3AED/Children (age under 6) 1AED (tourism guidance is free)

Gold Souk 

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Gold Souk is the most popular market in Dubai. It is a maze of cloisters, home to hundreds of shops that offer an amazing variety of jewelry made of gold, silver, diamonds or gemstones. It is a must-see for every visitor, even for those who do not plan on buying anything. Nevertheless, if you are ready to buy, don’t be afraid to haggle and you might buy the product half-price!

 Outside of Gold Souk there are several street vendors that invite visitors to buy fake bags, purses or watches. They usually ask people to follow them to some isolated buildings which are usually safe; however, it is preferable to follow them accompanied with another person, or even better, by a local. Be prepared to haggle over the prices and do not agree on anything more than the 1/3 of the initial price. Keep in mind that everything they sell is fake.

Spice Souk 

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Spice Souk is one of the most known markets in Dubai. The air is filled with pungent aromas emitted from colorful sacks of cinnamon, saffron, cumin, pepper, carnation, nutmeg and dried fruits. Fresh stocks arrive at the market every morning, transferred from countries like India, Pakistan, and Iran.

 You can cross the river by a boat from Deira to Bur Dubai, and the other way around. The ticket fee is only 1aed and we totally recommend it! From Bur Dubai you can easily go to Heritage Village and the museum on foot.

Madinat Jumeirah 

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Madinat Jumeirah is another complex of luxurious hotels, designed to include authentic Arabian details and structure. Some of them, like Jumeirah Al Qasr, even resemble Sheik’s residence. These hotels have various offers such as private beaches, swimming pools, spa centers, exclusive restaurants etc. all of them providing guests with dreamy Arabian sentiment and souks, where they can enjoy shopping everything from designer’s clothes and jewelry to spices, drink tea and smoke hookah, and make unforgettable memories.  

Dubai Marina 

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Dubai Marina is a famous district in Dubai, with some of the most expensive penthouses in the world. It is extravagant and luxurious, as most things in Dubai, it is man-made and it can offer beautiful walks, dining both cheaply and in exclusive restaurants, coffee shops where you can enjoy Arabic coffee or tea with hookah, or take a boat ride through marina and enjoy beautiful summer day out of the summer season. If you feel more adventurous, you can try BASE jump from the top of the second tallest building in Dubai, the Princess Tower. For more information about restaurants, cafes, boat rides and other activities in marina check the website www.dubai-marina.com


JBR Walk 

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JBR Walk is an impressive pedestrian area, located across the Persian Gulf and it provides restaurants, shops, parks and, of course, water sports and a stunning beach for those who want to enjoy the eastern sun. The area is considered to be a great outdoor gym, since there is a lane ideal for running all along the beach as well as exercise machines. A large market and several activities complete this pleasant promenade in an area that has no reason to “envy” Los Angeles!

Sky Dive Dubai 

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If you are an adrenaline junkie and enjoy challenge, make sure to book a skydiving session and enjoy breathtaking experience over one of the most interesting cities to observe from above. Being new city with extravagant architecture and numerous artificial peninsulas and islands along its shore, Dubai is a feast for eyes to be watched from the sky. Aside from this memorable view, you will certainly live through the most adventurous experience of jumping from the plane and flying in free fall before landing with a parachute. For all the necessary info check the website http://www.skydivedubai.ae/

Wild Wadi Waterpark 

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If you are searching for an activities fulfilled day out to spend with children, friends or alone, Wild Wadi Water Park is mandatory place to visit. It is a theme park that offers numerous water attractions for all age ranges as well as different types of fun activities that cause adrenaline rush. If you are brave and like to have fun, take a ride at the largest free-fall slope outside US, Jumeirah Sceirah, and afterwards have a meal at one of many food outlets.

Open: Daily 10:00AM-05:30PM
(time may vary depending on the season, visit www.wildwadi.com for precise info)

January 13-February 8 2018. for maintenance

Price: For ticket offers and payment system check the website www.wildwadi.com


Mall of the Emirates 

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Mall of the Emirates truly sets the standard for similar facilities around the globe. Here you can enjoy shopping for everything you can imagine related to fashion, household, food, sports etc., while enjoying beautiful interior designed in fusion of traditional Arabic and modern western style. You can also visit the cinema, dine in exclusive restaurants, cafes, or enjoy fast food, engage your children in fun activities designed for them, visit spa, beauty salon, book a suite in mall hotel or even go skiing! Yes, that’s right; there is a ski resort that’s part of this extraordinary shopping paradise.

Most of the shops and restaurants have similar opening hours: Sunday-Wednesday: 10:00AM-10:00PM; Friday-Saturday: 10:00AM-12:00PM;
For more information about offers, activities, discounts and working hours visit 

Ski Dubai 

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What is the most extravagant thing you can imagine doing in a desert city? Go skiing! Trying to outbest every possible tourist offer there is, Dubai has built a ski center. It is the largest indoors snow park in the world, with several slopes that increase in difficulty, and even a penguin enclosure. You can go skiing or snowboarding, check out the penguins and bring your kids to the most memorable adventure in private kids’ party rooms, or enjoy dining or shopping in several restaurants and retail shops embedded in the resort.

Sunday-Wednesday 10:00AM-11:00PM; Thursday 10:00AM-12:00PM; Friday 09:00AM-12:00PM; Saturday 09:00AM-11:00PM

Depends on the pass for the certain activity; check the website https://booking.skidxb.com/

 It is mandatory to be an experienced skier, otherwise you have to book skiing lessons first; also you can rent all the necessary equipment on the spot, you don’t have to carry anything with you.

Miracle Garden 

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Dubai Miracle Garden entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest flower arrangement structure forming the shape of the Airbus A380. It has nearly 100 million blooming flowers in mind-blowing arrangements. Besides its magical appearances, this extraordinary garden offers numerous outdoor recreational activities, as well as souvenir shops, eating and sitting area, food kiosks etc. and it is equally popular among all age ranges. For more information visit 

Open: Sunday-Thursday 09:00AM-09:00PM, Friday-Saturday 09:00AM-11:00PM

Price: Adults 40AED/ Children (Age 2-12) 30AED

Global Village 

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Being the capital of the shopping and entertainment, Dubai owns the world’s largest multi functional object and the first of its kind in the region built for these purposes. Global Village is a place for world class entertainment: concerts, stage shows, cultural contents, as well as shopping, restaurants and many more, all of it in fantastically designed theme quarter that has all the world city’s landmarks in one place. Visit to this place will make you forget where you are for a while, enjoying the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is unique for Dubai. For more information about events visit www.globalvillage.ae

Saturday-Wednesday 04:00PM-12:00PM; Thurday-Friday 04:00PM-01:00AM (Monday is reserved for families and ladies only)

Price: 15AED/ Free for Children (under age 3) and Seniors (age above 65)

Dubai City Walk 

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Dubai City Walk is a pedestrian area that was designed and built to resemble downtowns of famous European cities, with fountain in the middle, palm tree rows, and numerous shops, designers’ boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Whether you choose to visit during the day or in the evening, you will enjoy easy-going atmosphere of relaxed and smiling people from all over the world, smelling fresh coffee, hookah, or delicious food and feasting your eyes upon recognizable Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa.

Open: Sunday-Thursday 10:00AM-10:00PM; Friday-Saturday 10:00AM-12:00PM

For precise opening hours of specific outlets, organized attractions and events, and anything you wish to know visit the official website www.citywalk.ae

Burj Khalifa 

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Burj Khalifa means Khalifa Tower and it stands up to its name, being the tallest building in the world, measuring 828m in height and 163 floors above ground. This impressive steel and glass structure towers over Downtown Dubai, representing this unique Emirate in all its glory. Visitors can climb the building and enjoy the most magnificent view during daytime and evening hours, as well as outside illuminations of the tower while watching the Dubai Fountain show. Guests can have a personalized tour up to 555 meters observation deck, or enjoy drinks at Sky Lounge and admire interior designed by Giorgio Armani.

AT THE TOP level 125+124

Prime hours: 04:00PM–06:00PM; Non-prime hours: 08:30AM–03:30PM and 06:30PM until closing

*Prime hours are subject to change/ last entry 45 minutes to close


Prime hours:
Adult(12yrs+) General admission 210AED, Child (4-12yrs) General Admission 170AED

Non-prime hours:
Adult(12yrs+) General admission 135AED, Child (4-12yrs) General Admission 100AED

Immediate entry admission:
Adult(12yrs+) 315AED, Child (4-12yrs) 315AED, infant(below 4yrs) FREE


AT THE TOP SKY level 148+125+124

Open: Prime hours: 09:30AM–06:00PM; Non-prime hours: 07:00AM until closing

*Prime hours are subject to change/ last entry 45 minutes to close


Prime hours:
Adult(12yrs+) General admission 525AED, Child (4-12yrs) General Admission 525AED

Non-prime hours:
Adult(12yrs+) General admission 370AED, Child (4-12yrs) General Admission 370AED

  It is better to buy tickets in advance to avoid cues from the official website  www.burjkhalifa.ae. The view in the observation deck level 125+124 is fantastic and very similar to level 148. The biggest difference is that at level 148 they offer some welcome juices and Arabic desserts. So before you book the ticket think about it, maybe you can save some money and spend them for another activity! 

Dubai Fountain 

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Dubai Fountain is a decent companion to the tallest building in the world, being the tallest performing fountain. It is set on Burj Lake, providing magnificent water dance spectacle for visitors daily. You can enjoy the show from surrounding bridges and walkways, or you can book a ride on the lake boat and admire this 45floors tall water jets that dance in the rhythm of Arabic, classical or world music in some 15 minute intervals, followed by incredible synchronized light shows from the first row in comfortable boat seats, far from the crowd that circulates through downtown.

Operating hours: 05:45PM-11:30PM (last boat departs at 11:00PM)

Price: AED 65 (for the boat ride)

Dubai Mall 

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Since everything in Downtown Dubai is monumental, Dubai Mall fits to the description, being the world’s largest shopping mall. It doesn’t just stop at being the largest; it is also the most luxurious, housing the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in the center, with shops and retailers that sell literally everything there is to buy. Unlike souks and markets where bargaining is a must, here you can enjoy western style shopping, in all the trendy and recognizable brands of retailers, from designer’s clothes, shoes, accessories, to electronics; there are also restaurants, coffee shops, finger food stands etc. For more information about offers, events, visiting Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, hotels and restaurants check the official website www.thedubaimall.com

Open: Daily 10:00AM-12:00PM

 Don’t be surprised when music stops during prayers, and keep in mind that the biggest crowds here are during Thursday afternoon and especially Friday, since it is a day off in Dubai.

Souk Al Bahar 

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Souk Al Bahar is a fairy-tale like Arabian bazaar, very modern yet designed in traditional style, located on an island in the middle of the Burj Lake and connected to Dubai Mall with recognizable Souk Al Bahar Bridge. Here you can buy jewelry, handcrafts, carpets, textiles, sweets and souvenirs or take a photo holding a falcon. Also, you can enjoy dining in some of the finest restaurants that serve dishes from all over the world, while watching the Fountain show or crowd flowing all around downtown dominated by Burj Khalifa.
For more information visit www.soukalbahar.ae

 Some of the restaurants in Souk Al Bahar are licensed to serve alcohol, unlike the ones in Dubai Mall.

Dubai International Financial Centre 

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Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the Wall Street of Middle East. It is a business core of the city, bypassing the time-zone gap and making life support connection between West and East – New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It is a great place to spend you night because is full of fancy restaurants, bars, clubs or even spas in luxurious hotels. For more information visit www.difc.ae


Golf & Yacht Club 

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Golf & Yacht Club in Dubai opened in 1993 and ever since it is one of the most prestigious and luxurious resorts of its kind. It was a home to numerous tournaments and championships. It is a great place for sports and relaxation, where you can fish, dive, play golf, stay at luxury villas and use all the advantages of this wonderful leisure time facility. For more information visit www.dubaigolf.com . 

Desert Safari 

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This is the most exciting activity in Dubai tourist offer. You can choose from various packages and timings, but all of them will offer you unique experience of riding through the dessert, riding a camel, enjoy the display of traditional falconry skills, dine under Bedouin tents and enjoy belly dance performance, or spend the night under the desert starry sky by booking an overnight safari. Although morning safari can be equally thrilling, the best way to fully enjoy this adventure is to see a sunset in the desert, and whether you choose dune bashing, quad biking or riding on a back of a camel, being able to see the sunset over the sand is a once in a lifetime experience. You can find all the necessary information about safari, tickets and offers on the website www.desertsafaridubai.com

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