The most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands. Famous all over the world for its unforgettable parties day and night, Mykonos is the most popular destination in Greece. It perfectly combines glamour with simplicity. On the one hand, there are the numerous beach bars and clubs where wild parties take place, and on the other, there are the scenic whitewashed houses and hidden churches. The number of tourists visiting Mykonos is increasing quickly and they mostly consist of celebrities, college students and families who would like to explore the beauty of the Greek islands.


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April & May Hotels are much cheaper than in the summer months; however, transportation, food and drink prices tend not to vary much this season. The island is mostly filled with university students who are on a trip and only a few tourists are around.

June – early September Prices at their peak. It is the best time to visit if you are in Mykonos for the nightlife. Mykonos Summer Festival includes wild parties and a set of exciting events, such as open-air concerts and various art exhibitions.

September & October Best time to visit; crowds have left, the water remains warm and the hotel prices return back to normal.


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The Windmills of Mykonos, situated southwest of the capital town, Hora, are one of most recognizable landmarks of the island. They can be seen from every part of Mykonos and it is the first thing you will see when you reach the harbor. Most of the Windmills were built by the Venetians in the 16th century and they stand on a hill, named Kato Mili, overlooking the area. Their purpose was to grind local agricultural yields, such as wheat and barley, by using the winds, especially the northern meltemi. This was an important source of income for the inhabitants. Similar windmills are found in almost all Cycladic islands.

Bonis Mill is the only mill which has been transformed into an agricultural museum, the first of its kind (June-October 04:00PM-08:30PM daily). The visitor can access all the three floors of the building and observe the agricultural methods, such as the grinding, the gathering, the weighing and the storing of the products.

 We advise you to rent a car in order to visit these incredible places because the local bus does not access all of them. Renting an ATV or a motorcycle is also a good and fun idea if you are an adventurer.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani 

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One of the most photographed churches in the world. Situated in the neighborhood of Castro, in the town of Hora, the Church of Panagia Paraportiani was completed in the 17th century. Its name actually means Virgin Mary standing next to the entrance door, indicating that the church was next to the entrance of the Castle. This famous architectural structure, standing right by the sea, consists of five small churches that were built on top or next to the other (dedicated to Saint Eustathios, Saint Sozon, Saint Anargyroi and Saint Anastasia).

Little Venice 

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Looking similar to Venice in Italy, Mykonos Little Venice is a collection of beautiful medieval buildings built right at the water’s edge. The Venetians’ influence on the island is due to the fact that Mykonos was under the rule of the Roman Empire from 1390 till 1718. Today many of the former fishing houses of the area are transformed into bars and cafés. Considered one of the most romantic spots of the island, Little Venice is ideal for enjoying a wonderful sunset.

Matogianni Street 

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If you are a shopaholic, then this is your place! Numerous designer stores with clothes, accessories and jewels as well as souvenir shops fill Matogianni Street. This street is also known for its nightlife, since it offers a variety of bars where you can enjoy a drink. Explore this labyrinth of white-colored houses and let the island’s beauty amaze you!

 Our suggestion is to avoid spending a lot of money on accommodation due to the fact that you will spend most of your days and nights away from your room or apartment. Trust us; you’d rather spend your money on Mykonos’ nightlife. Also, the differences between the hotels or apartments are minor; usually only their facilities change.

Platis Gialos 

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Another popular beach of the island, filled with thousands of people during high season is Platis Gialos. This long beach with the golden sand and turquoise crystalline waters is located 5 kilometers away from the town of Mykonos, in the south part of the island. Platis Gialos is fully organized with numerous sunbeds, umbrellas as well as luxurious accommodation with a variety of hotels and apartments. Regular taxi-boats depart from the beach and go to the beaches of the southern coast of Mykonos, such as Paranga, Elia, Paradise and Super Paradise Beach.

Super Paradise Beach 

One of the island's most popular beaches, Super Paradise organizes all day parties which attract young visitors, celebrities, supermodels and VIPs. It is an organized beach with sunbeds, a lifeguard, a boutique as well as a restaurant. As the sun goes down the music gets louder and the parties begin. Here you will see everything; from gay people and nudists partying in their own way to parents enjoying the beauty of the beach. The beach of Super Paradise is for everybody. Located 6 kilometers southwest of the town of Mykonos, it can be reached only by car or a motorcycle.

Above the waters of Super Paradise,  Jackie O’ Beach Club is very popular among gay visitors. This beautiful beach club features a large open bar, pool, Jacuzzi and a boutique shop. There are also massage services and party boat trips with private DJs offered. Except for the beach club, there is also the Jackie O’ Bar, just below the famous church of Panagia Paraportiani, where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail and dance all night. For more information about the town and the beach bar you can visit

 Visiting Super Paradise Beach by car can be a bit difficult if you are afraid of driving uphill. A safe option would be parking your car on top of the hill and walking down to the beach so that you will not have to drive uphill for the return.

Paradise Beach 

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A landscape of uncompromised beauty. Paradise one of the most popular places on the island and it is located between Super Paradise Beach and Paranga Beach. It can be reached either by bus, a taxi-boat or a footpath from Platis Yialos. Paradise Beach mostly gathers young people and nudists as well. Also, water sports facilities, such as diving, are offered here.

Cavo Paradiso 

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Built on a rock over Paradise Beach, Cavo Paradiso is one of the most renowned summer clubs in Europe, regularly voted in the top club annual lists. With a pool in the shape of Mykonos and two bars in different levels, the club looks like a theater overlooking the Aegean Sea. Cavo Paradiso hosts unforgettable live events with the biggest international DJs on the scene. Don’t lose the opportunity to dance on the club’s big dance floor in front of the decks and party late enough in order to see the amazing sunrise from the horizon! For more information about the club and its events visit the official website

Paranga Beach 

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Paranga beach can be reached by bus, by a taxi-boat going to Super Paradise or by a short walk from Platis Yialos. Less crowded than Paradise Beach, it offers good facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, bars as well as a mini market. Visit this sandy beach and enjoy either its calmness or the music being played by the taverns located here.

Agia Anna Beach 

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Next to Paranga Beach, there is a calm sandy beach, called Agia Anna. This hidden beach is not organized since it does not offer sunbeds or umbrellas. There is only one tavern where you can enjoy fresh fish. Agia Anna Beach is accessible by car, motorcycle or the local bus. From here, you can also walk to Platis Gialos or Paranga Beach.  

Elia Beach 

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Situated in the south of the island, Elia Beach can be reached either by bus from the town of Mykonos or by a taxi-boat from the village of Platis Gialos. It is the largest beach in Mykonos and the most gay-popular. Unlike Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, this one is a quiet beach, fully organized with a wide range of taverns, bars and water sports facilities.

Kalo Livadi

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Kalo Livadi is one of the longest beaches of the island and it is situated between Elia and Kalafatis Beach, only 10 kilometers from the town of Mykonos. Its shallow and clean waters make the beach ideal for families with children. Kalo Livadi offers a variety of water sports facilities, volleyball courts, endless sunbeds as well as beach bars and restaurants. The beach is also popular for the parties that are organized here.

Psarou Beach 

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Located 5 kilometers away from the island’s capital and close to Platis Gialos, Psarou Beach is a cosmopolitan beach attracting celebrities from all over the world. This beautiful organized beach offers a variety of water sports facilities such as scuba diving. The beach is also surrounded by luxury hotels and fancy restaurants, taverns and mini markets. It can be reached by car or by a local bus.

Agios Sostis

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One of the quietest beaches of the island, Agios Sostis Beach is located in a protective cove in the north of Mykonos. It is the ideal place if you look for relaxation and calmness. The beach owes its name to a nearby church which stands on a hill. Agios Sostis Beach does not offer any facilities such as sunbeds and umbrellas, so do not forget to bring your own equipment. It can only be reached by a car or a taxi.

Panormos Beach 

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Located on the northern side of the island, Panormos is a quiet beach, almost secluded. It mostly attracts permanent visitors who are keen on spending their holidays in a calm and relaxing place. It is a non-organized beach and can be reached only by private vehicle or taxi. There is only one small tavern that opens in the summer.


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Just a few minutes away from Mykonos, the island of Delos is one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in Greece. It used to be a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek mythology made it the birthplace of Apollo, god of light, and goddess Artemis; no mortal would ever be allowed to be born on this island. Delos is a UNESCO world heritage site, the birthplace of the immortals. Monumental antiquities from the Archaic, the Classical and the Hellenistic period are projected on this sacred archaeological site. Delos is accessible on a daily basis by boat from Mykonos. During summer, there are boat trips to the island from Tinos and Naxos as well.

Astra Club

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Marked as one of the most famous and glamorous clubs on the island. Astra Club has attracted elite guests from all over the world, such as Rolling Stone Keith Richards and fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana. Located on the pedestrian Matogianni Street, Astra Club was designed and built by Minas, a renowned artist who adores the bright light and the simple lines of the Cycladic islands.

Skandinavian Bar

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Located in the town of Mykonos, Skandinavian Bar is a popular meeting point leading the nightlife of Mykonos. Due to its good prices and high-quality service, the bar is really famous among the tourists.
For more information you can visit the official website

Alley Cocktail Bar

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Alley Café Cocktail Bar is also located in the town of Mykonos and it is open all day long. It offers moments of relaxation and entertainment while enjoying a coffee or a fresh fruit cocktail.
For further information about the bar you can visit the website

180 Degrees Sunset Bar 

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Just outside Mykonos town, 180 Degrees Sunset Bar is a spot for relaxation which offers the view of breathtaking sunsets. Refreshing cocktails in combination with the chill-out music create a result that fascinates. Enjoy the panoramic view of Delos and fill yourself with the island’s most beautiful images!

Scarpa Bar 

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Right in the heart of Little Venice, Scarpa Bar is definitely a must-visit. Young people enjoy the bar’s fresh fruit cocktails as well as the chill out music that gives way to deep house tunes.

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