Panoramic view of New York City at night

The city of New York is such a magnificent city and this is the reason why people from all the corners of the globe visit it. They even named it twice, "New York, New York", as the saying goes. Shopping on Fifth Avenue, walking in between some of the tallest skyscrapers on the planet, having breakfast in central park, cruising around the Statue of Liberty and enjoying all these from the Top of the Rock are only a few things that you can do in the city. Whether you visit New York for a weekend or a week, our guide will help you discover all the important sights and the small secrets of the "Big Apple".

You will find New York shining all the seasons. Of course the mild temperature during spring and fall is very pleasant and you will be able to explore the city walking. In the summer the heat goes higher, but you can benefit from this fact by finding the streets less busy and renting a cheaper hotel due to low season. Finally, it can be chilly during winter but you can spend most of your time in the museums, the cozy cafeterias and capture a few of the most amazing pictures in the snowy city center.


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When to Visit

Cloudy day at Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island New York

January & February Cold, but with better hotel rates. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the world's largest parade, takes place every year on Thanksgiving Day.

March – May A beautiful time to visit New York. The Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival, one of the city’s prettiest spring festivals highlighting Japanese culture, is held in April.

September – November In November it is easier to find hotel deals. Autumn is an off-peak season; much quieter and less crowded than during summer or winter.

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island 

Cloudy day at Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island New York

New York’s most famous statue is a gift by France to mark the United States’ 100th birthday on July 3, 1986. The city’s most iconic landmark is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. This colossal neoclassical sculpture represents a Roman liberty, goddess named Libertas, who has a welcoming sight to immigrants who arrive from abroad.

In order to visit the statue, you can take the Staten Island Ferry from Battery Park every 20-30 min from 8:30am to 4:30am daily (winter 9:30am-3:30pm). The view from the ferry is really breathtaking and you have the opportunity to capture some really unique pictures. Before you enter the ferry, you have to pass from the security check area that looks like the ones that we can find in the airports. That's why you have to make sure to be there early enough in order to avoid waiting on the queue about an hour before entering the ferry. Booking everything in advance is a great idea that can help you save time. The view from the observation decks is really stunning but you require making your reservation in advance as well. You can find all the extra information that you may need about timings and booking on The Staten Island Ferry does not carry cars.  You can also take a tour with a New York Water Taxi, which will sail you for 60 minutes to the landmarks of Lower Manhattan and will pause up close to the Statue of Liberty in order to capture some memorable pictures (Price: adult $30, child $25). For bookings and information about the Water Taxi visit

Your trip to the Statue doesn’t stop there. The Staten Island Ferry rides you with the same ticket to Ellis Island. This island is the symbol of America’s immigrant heritage. About 12 million people arrived there to find a better life from 1892 to 1854. You can enjoy the short films inside the museum for free and learn the history behind this place.

Wall Street  

The Bull at Wall Street New York

Owing to Wall Street, New York City has been marked as the most financially powerful city of the world. This street located in lower Manhattan is home to the largest investment banks of U.S. as well as stock sales companies and big businesses. Next to the street, there stands the Charging Bull, a sculpture made by artist Arturo Di Modica and brought in the city in 1989. The bull is an allegory of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity and has become the symbol of Wall Street as well as a famous tourist attraction. 

Metropolitan Museum 

The fountain at night at Metropolitan Museum New York

Art is something that you cannot miss in the city and the New York’s museums are considered as world's top. Metropolitan​ ​is one of the world's greatest museums, which hosts exhibits of 5,000 years from all over the world. European paintings, Egyptian, Asian, and American art are only a few of the great collections that you can admire in this institution.


Monday-Tuesday & Sunday 10:00AM-05:30PM

Friday & Saturday 10:00AM-09:00PM

Price: Pay-what-you-wish admission is available at ticket counters. The suggested admission fee is: Adults $25, seniors $17, students $12, children under 12 and members are free

You can buy your tickets online in order to avoid waiting in admission lines when you visit. If so, you will pay the suggested admission fees that are already mentioned. You can find more information on

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum New York City

Solomon​ ​R.​ ​Guggenheim​ Museum is one of the greatest architectural achievements of the20th century. The museum hosts work of Picasso, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Chagall, Modrian and many other great artists.


Monday-Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 10:00AM-05:45PM

Saturday 10:00AM-07:45PM (05:45AM-07:45PM pay what you wish)

Price: Adults $25, seniors and students $18, children under 12 and members are free

For further information about the museum please check

American Museum of Natural History 

Dinosaur in the entrance of American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is considered to be the largest museum of its kind. You can find here more than 30 million artifacts, from dinosaurs to Chinese and African costumes as well as rare gems. In the Rose Center you will be able to enjoy the planetarium and the movies screened in the enormous IMAX Theater.


Daily 10:00AM-05:45PM (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Price: General Admission: Adults $23, seniors and students $18, children (2-12) $13

General Admission + One(plus one special exhibition, giant-screen film, or Space Show): adults $28, seniors and students $22.50 and children $16.50

General Admission + All (includes General Admission plus all special exhibitions, giant-screen film and Space Show): adults $33,seniors and students $27 and children $20

Pay-what-you-wish admission is available at ticket counters.

You can find more information about the museum online at

   If you choose to visit the city by car and you would like to use valet services while you're shopping at the outlets, valet parking is located at 870 Fifth Avenue. Various parking garages near 5th Ave NYC are located at 575 Madison Ave, 35-39 East 61st Street, and 860Fifth Avenue.

Museum of Modern Art 

Woman walking outside of Museum of Modern Art

Another museum that is really worth it to visit is the MoMA​ ​which has one of the most popular collections of modern art in the world including works of Picasso, Van Gogh and Warhol.


Daily 10:30AM-05:30PM

Friday 10:30AM-8:00PM

Price: Adults $25, seniors $18, students $14, children under 16 and members are free

Find out more about the museum online on

Times Square and Theater District 

Times Square and Theater District New York

Here is, in a way, the heart of Manhattan and it is known as the “Crossroads of the World”. It is one of the busiest streets all over the world and one of the most famous as well. This is the place that most have probably seen pictures of with seas of taxis, crushing crowds and skyscrapers with huge illuminated signs. Times Square is also home to New York’s Theater District. If you would like to visit one of the Broadway’s shows, you can purchase half-price tickets on specific days from TKTS at Broadway and 47th Madame Tussaud museum on the 42nd Street and you can enjoy the collection of the wax inhabitants.

Central Park 

City view of Central Park New York

Central Park is probably the most famous park in the world and was designed in 1858. Sixteen years were needed for its construction in order to acquire the view that we can enjoy today. New Yorkers are visiting the park every day for a morning run or a walk along with their dogs. We definitely recommend you to rent a bike, rowboat or gondola from the Boathouse at the central part of the park and explore it. Having breakfast there is always a good choice and the environment inside the nature is a pleasant break from the busy streets of the city. Central Park Zoo is also a good idea, especially if you have children since they will be able to enjoy the three different climatic zones as well as over a hundred species of animals, including monkeys, seals and penguins. For more information about Central Park Zoo visit

Union Square 

Panoramic view of Union Square New York

The park captures much of the city’s diversity and energy; filled with vendors, break-dancers, skateboarders, dog lovers and chess players, Union Square is an important gathering place. The area surrounding the park is home to art galleries, such as the Talwar Gallery, with Indian and South Asian artworks, as well as important music venues, including Webster Hall, that hosts unforgettable club nights with names like Wiz Khalifa, or the Irving Plaza, a rock music venue that has hosted names such as the Talking Heads, Dave Matthews Band and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Gramercy Park 

Gramercy Park New York

Gramercy Park, one of the two private parks in New York City, is a small, quiet area in the middle of the most urban neighborhoods of the city. Connected with luxury, the area used to be the home of prominent New Yorkers who lived in grand houses along the park. Only the people residing around it have access to it; however, you can walk on the sidewalks around and have a look at this elegant park.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park New York

Also known as Manhattan's Town Square, Bryant Park is one of the busiest and most popular public places in the world. Known for its seasonal gardens, activities (such as ice-skating), world class dining restaurants and the iconic skyscrapers that surround it, Bryant Park is a must-visit for every traveler to New York City.


January-February 07:00AM-10:00PM daily

March While Winter Village is operating: 07:00AM-10:00PM daily/After Winter Village closes for the season: 07:00AM-08:00PM daily

April 07:00AM-10:00PM daily

May 07:00AM-11:00PM daily

June-September Monday-Friday: 07:00AM-Midnight/Weekend: 07:00AM-11:00PM

October-December 07:00AM-10:00PM Daily

 For more information about Bryant Park visit

High Line  

People walking in High Lane New York

High Line is a public park built on an abandoned railway, elevated above the streets of Manhattan’s West Side. Considered as an icon for contemporary landscape architecture, the 2.33km long green elevated park is a great place to enjoy a walk at any hour of the day.


December-March 07:00AM-07:00PM

April-May 07:00AM-10:00PM

June-September 07:00AM-11:00PM

October-November 07:00AM-10:00PM

For further information about the High Line please visit

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

Brooklyn Botanic Garden New York

Found in 1910, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a botanical garden visited by thousands of visitors every year. With more than 18,000 species of plants from all over the world, the garden has three climate-themed pavilions: a white cast-iron, a glass aquatic plant house and an art gallery. Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and enjoy 52 acres of natural beauty!


December-February 10:00AM-04:30PM Tuesday-Sunday (closed Mondays)

March-October 08:00AM-06:00PM Tuesday-Friday/10:00AM-06:00PM Weekend (closed Mondays)

Last admission 30 minutes before closing time

Price: Adult $15, students & seniors $8, children under 12 free

Free admission on winter weekdays (admission charged all day Saturday &Sunday)

 For more information about the BBG please visit

Girl is shopping in Manhattan New York

When it comes to shopping New York is a paradise for every consumer. Fifth​ ​Avenue and Madison​Avenue are the two main shopping areas where you will be able to find from countless small boutique shops to huge shopping centers like Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s NYC(which is the world’s largest store) and the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue. When it comes to electronics, cameras and computers B&H is your best choice since it is the largest electronic store in the world. GreenFlea​ ​Market is an open air market, considered to be the oldest and largest market in New York City. You can find here any kind of antiques, vintage, collectibles, crafts, designer clothing and food. It is open every Sunday from 10:00AM-05:30PM in all weather.

SoHo & TriBeCa 

Busy streets at TriBeCa New York

Galleries, small elegant clothing and furnishing boutiques, bars and restaurants for every taste make these two areas the hottest neighborhoods in New York. In Green​ ​Street, you will find a striking streetscape filled with flourished buildings with impressive cast-iron architecture, which were structured in the late 1800s. If you have children, visiting the Children’s​ ​Museum​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Art is definitely a great choice ( The Prada​ ​store is iconic of SoHo and a visit is a must for fans of fashion, design and architecture. When the sun goes down the bars and the restaurants take the place of the galleries. The Pegu​ ​Club as well as the Puck​ ​Fair are only two of the numerous options that you have if you wish to enjoy a fancy cocktail or a cold beer. As for the foodies, the seafood platter at The​ ​Dutch restaurant or the French-American choices at The​ ​Odeon ​are enough to make you fall in love with the city.


Chinatown in New York

This neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan is home to a great concentration of Chinese people, with an estimated population up to 100,000 people. Chinatown is a dominant cultural force for the Chinese diaspora where you can find the Museum of Chinese in America and explore thoroughly the Chinese culture and traditions. Here you’ll find some of the best jewelry stores, gift shops, bars and restaurants waiting for you to taste the flavors from Hong Kong, Indonesia Malaysian and other Asian countries.

Rockefeller Center

Night view of Rockefeller Center New York

The construction of the Center began in the 1930s and it was the first commercial project to integrate gardens, dining and shopping with office space. During winter one of the most popular things people do, is taking pictures with the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree or ice-skating next to Prometheus Statue. Taking a 360 picture from the Top of the Rock and enjoying the breathtaking view of the Empire State Building and Central Park is a must.

A tour in the largest theater of US, Radio City, with Art Deco interior is an incredible experience.NBC Studios backstage tours are very popular as well. Visitors can purchase their tickets online through or in the Comcast Building.

Empire State Building 

Panoramic view at Empire State Building New York

It is the most famous skyscraper in New York and more than 120 million people visited the observation deck to enjoy the view, including luminaries such as Queen Elizabeth II. The Empire State Building has been featured in many movies including “King Kong”.

Open: Daily 08:00AM - 02:00AM 


Main Deck (86th Floor)

Adults $37, seniors (62+) $35, kids (6-12) $31, express ticket (skip the lines)$65 for all

Top& Main Deck (102nd and 86th Floor)

Adults $57, seniors (62+) $55, kids (6-12) $57, express ticket (skip the lines)$85 for all

For military in uniform and kids under 6 the entrance to the building is free.

The time that we always recommend is close to the sunset, so that you can enjoy the orange hues that appear on the buildings and later on the city lights that turn on. Bags bigger than the carry-on size are not allowed, so be careful on the size of your bag. If you would like more information, you can always check on the official website

Brooklyn Bridge 

Brooklyn Bridge New York

Connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States. Since 1883, it has offered a scenic passage to millions of tourists and locals, bicycles and cars. Enjoy a walk on the bridge and admire the majestic view of both Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as the Statue of Liberty. 

  The best time of the day to cross the Brooklyn Bridge is the sunset or the sunrise since you can admire the amazing colors created on the sky. Keep in mind that it can be chilly on the bridge so don’t forget to bring with you a jacket or sweater so that you can enjoy your walk!

Grand Central Terminal 

People walking at Grand Central Terminal New York

This cathedral-like building is not simply a transportation hub but a great landmark in Midtown Manhattan famous for its architecture and design. Grand Central Terminal has 44 platforms and is one of the busiest meeting points in the world. The fact that plenty movie scenes have been filmed here makes it one of the most photographed places in New York. Visit this bustling area and enjoy one of the shopping or dining services that it offers. For further information on the Grand Central Terminal please visit

Flatiron Building 

Flatiron Building New York

Flatiron Building is a triangular 22 story steel framed landmarked building and you can find it at 175 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan. The Flatiron was built in 1902 and today it is one of the most photographed buildings in New York City. The base of the building was used by a lot of movies like Godzilla and the Spider-Man movies. 

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral New York

Considered as New York City’s most distinguished sanctuary, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic style Roman Catholic church located on the east side of Fifth Avenue. Inside its walls, there are two copper doors located underneath, which lead you to the cathedral’s crypt. It is also the church where novelist Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Sayre married including just 8 guests.

Open: Daily 06:30AM-08:45PM

For more information on the cathedral as well as on the guided tours that are offered please visit

 The US uses a different electrical current comparing with Europe and other countries so we encourage you to bring a plug adapter with you

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