Panoramic view of Washington DC at night, most popular sights in view

Welcome to the center of the world’s power web – welcome to Washington DC! Being the capitol of USA, Washington DC bares its title with pride alongside the name given after nation’s founding father. This city is elegantly structured with the most beautiful architecture in the US, combining natural beauty of its location with powerful symbolism that represents all the history and legacy embedded in the most influential culture there is today. Walking around Washington DC is like experiencing the entire US throughout history in one place by visiting museums, monuments and memorial parks, all of it free of admission, and breathing in the air that surrounds the most important political nucleus of our times.


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When to Visit

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March – May Best time to visit. The National Cherry Blossom Festival signifies the arrival of spring in DC.

June – August The busiest and hottest months. Some of the festivals that are held are the Summerfest DC and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival which include music and dance events.

September – November Best time to visit; tourism is much lower but there are a lot business travelers.  Many festivals take place, such as the H Street Festival, including outdoor events of live music, and the Taste of DC Festival that features tastings from DC’s best restaurants.

National Mall 

The National Mall with people in front of it

This is a two-mile long garden-like promenade that starts with famous Lincoln Memorial and ends with The Capitol, in which all the iconic spots of US history are included: presidents’ memorials, Vietnam and Korean War Veterans’ Memorials, Smithsonian Museums and Institution, National Archives and many others, displayed in white marble. The best seasons to visit are spring, when you can enjoy cherry blossom, or autumn, when there is plethora of colors creating fantastic scenery alongside neoclassical architecture surrounding the mall.

Open: 24 hours daily

Price: Free

The Capitol 

The Capitol with a rainbow in the backround

The United States Capitol is the home of United States Congress, Home of Representatives and US Senate. It is located on the further eastern end of the National Mall and it is a pearl of neoclassical architecture. Besides being a piece of art itself, the building contains numerous statues, paintings and frescoes themed with American constitutional history. There’s an impressive Capitol Visitor Center built especially for visiting tours, with security checkpoint, educational exhibits and a food court.

Open: Monday – Saturday 08:30AM-04:30PM (tours are offered from 08:50AM-03:20PM)

Price: Free (Pass required for tours)

For more information on obtaining the pass, security protocol and what to see in The Capitol visit

The White House 

The white house and the Gardens

Just walking by and looking at this building surrounded with wonderful gardens and knowing that behind its walls sits one of the most powerful men in the world is simply breathtaking. Although we’ve seen the insides in numerous movies and TV shows, it is possible to see it in person, but procedure for getting permission and passing security checkup is a bit complicated and it involves months of preparation and contacting your Member of Congress, or your country’s embassy in Washington. If you are determined to take a peek inside this significant, yet marvelous, building, check out this website for all the requirements necessary to submit a tour request

Open: 07:30AM-11:30AM Tuesday-Thursday; 07:30AM-1:30PM Fridays and Saturdays (for submitted requests; tours could be subject to last minute cancellations)

Closed: Sundays and Mondays, Federal holidays or when especially noted

Price: Free of admission, but submitting paperwork for the tour may be subject to a certain price


Lincoln Memorial 

Lincoln Memorial at Night

This colossal 30m high monument represents one of the most famous American presidents as a deity, being built to resemble an ancient Greek temple Parthenon, with Doric columns surrounding the huge marble statue of Abraham Lincoln gazing towards The Capitol. Around the statue visitors can see murals and inscriptions of famous speeches, and the one being the centre of attention besides Lincoln’s both "The Gettysburg Address" and his Second Inaugural Address, is a worldwide famous speech of Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream”.

Open: 24 hours daily

Price: Free

Washington Memorial 

Washington Memorial from inside of Lincoln Memorial at the sunset

This marble obelisk was built in 19th century as homage to George Washington, the first president of US and a favorite founding father of the nation. Center of numerous conspiracy theories regarding its symbolism and connection to free masons, this magnificent monument with the pyramid on top is an iconic landmark of the state. Besides making some breathtaking scenery photos of the monument, you can climb on top of this tallest stone structure in the world and enjoy the view of the city from 170m height.

Open: Daily 09:00AM-10:00PM

Price: Free, but tickets should be booked in advance because of the restricted number of visitors per tour

   Elevators are currently under maintenance; therefore The Washington Monument is closed for climbing until spring 2019. 

National Museum of American Indian 

National Museum of American Indian

This is maybe one of the most important Smithsonian museums, because it represents homage to America’s Native origins. The building itself is constructed according to Native American beliefs, facing the morning sun, and it contains beautiful exhibition of everything related to Native history, culture and art, combining all the territories from Alaska to Patagonia. Also it hosts various events, shows and markets during the year and you can find all the information about it on the official website

Open: Daily 10:00AM-05:30PM (Exhibition spaces and the store begin closing at 05:15PM)

Closed: December 25th

Price: Free



National Museum of American History 

An elephant statue from inside the museum with people around it

A part of the Smithsonian museums, this collection is dedicated to preserving and displaying American history from colonial times until today. Walking through this museum is like going on a trip down the memory lane, where you can witness the creation and development of the most spread and influential culture of our times throughout every item on display: from famous Star-Spangled Banner to Barbie dolls. More information about exhibits you can find on website

Open: Daily 10:00AM-05:30PM (or 07:30PM during extended hours)

Closed: December 25th

Price: Free


National Air and Space Museum 

Airplanes inside the National Air and Space Museum

Anything that flies, or could ever fly, is displayed in this interesting museum. Exhibitions are designed to depict the entire environment contextualized around the object of interest: historical moment of creation and use, glorious moments, cultural influence etc. You can see the entire history of American aviation, including spacecrafts, and even some rocks brought from the Moon! You can also visit planetarium and theater shows, or grab a bite and refresh if you get tired. Everything you need to know before visiting this amazing museum you can find on website

Open: Daily 10:00AM-05:30PM

Closed: December 25th

Price: Free

Planetarium and theater shows


Adults $9/Seniors $8/Children $7.50/Smithsonian members $6.50

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